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There's a Popcorn Time that you can use without installing anything. We're talking about the web Popcorn in your Browser that lets you watch movies online

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The magic of Popcorn Time has now reached your browser with this project called Popcorn in your Browser. The name says it all. Play the movies you like the most without needing to download them with your torrent client or install any program.

The Popcorn Time that works without installing anything.

How does it work?

This webapp is very simple. On the main screen it shows a search engine and a list of movies ordered alphabetically. Choose the method of your choice to select one of the titles. Then you only have to wait for the application to load the movie onto the buffer and after a few minutes (that may vary depending on your Internet connection), you'll be able to start watching it.

However, this online application comes along with rather basic options: only volume controls and the choice to play on full screen or in smaller window.

YTS and Coinado.io
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