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Popcorn Maker is one of the best online video editing utilities available. Access Mozilla Popcorn Maker, unleash your creativity, and tell the best stories

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How to tell a story? Gather YouTube videos and locations from Google Maps, search for information on Wikipedia, view the latest Twitter and put it all together with Popcorn Maker.

Mix videos, improve their content and share without leaving the web.

Popcorn Maker is an innovative utility designed to help Mozilla users edit videos online.

Create your videos from various web sources

The coolest feature of Popcorn Maker is how simple it is for you to mix contents from different Internet sources. It stands out as a very suitable tool for storytelling on the Internet.

It's extreme ease of use makes it suitable for everyone: use its simple drag and drop system. It's specially recommended for speakers, video-bloggers and communicators in general.

Access Popcorn Maker online from your browser and discover this webapp that reveals the true freedom of online audiovisual creativity.

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