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Pordede is a website where you watch hundreds of TV series and movies totally free. Enjoy viewing contents dubbed into English or in their original language

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Some guys say we're living the golden age of television. Well, it may seem quite an exaggerated statement, especially if we take into account programs like Big Brother, Jersey Shore and other reality shows of this kind. In any case, this term is definitely due to the wave of high-quality TV series that have encouraged the development of plenty of platforms that allow us to watch them via streaming, as is the case of Pordede.

The site to watch movies and series for free on the Internet

On this site, you'll find a wide range of series and movies that you can watch online without having to download anything. By simply clicking on any title, we'll be provided with the links to start playing the contents. It's definitely a great database where we'll find loads of different references according to different search criteria.

How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Narcos, Stranger Things... here you'll find them all.

  • Series and movies to be watched via streaming for free.
  • User area where you can save contents you're following, already seen, favorites, recommended and wishlists.
  • Browse through the latest updates, the most watched contents and the most popular references.
  • Choose by genre, year, language and subtitles, quality...
  • Interact with other users and receive recommendations.

Despite suffering from outages now and again due to its great success among users, it's still one of the best sites to watch movies and series online without having to pay anything at all.

Pordede is down and not working. Why?

Bear in mind, that it's a website with loads of traffic and, on some occasions, its servers may fail due to so many requests. In turn, it's always the target of Law observers that try to protect intellectual property rights. So, the problems that may lead it to be down could be due to either technical or legal reasons.

In any case, if you find yourself reading a message of the likes of Pordede file not found, error 503, 522, 403 or anything similar, the best thing you can do is go to its official Twitter or Facebook account to see if the service is working normally and to make sure that you've typed in the right credentials.

And if you can't always be in front of your PC or Mac because you travel a lot, you can always resort to the mobile version for Android (it's still not available for iPhone). The app goes by the name of XDeDe and it's basically and APK that will allow you to watch movies and series from your smartphone whenever and wherever you want.

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