Post2Blog is an easy-to-use blog editor, because it implements the WYSIWYG technique. Download Post2Blog for free and easily edit your blog's articles

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Post2Blog is a simple blog editor that makes it easy both to create as well manage the entries, at the same time that it also makes it very easy to publish them afterward.

The advantage of using a desktop application like Post2Blog lies in how simple it is to give format to the text because it works like a simple text editor. To accomplish it, it implements the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technique, that shows at all times what your entry is going to look like.

Main features

  • Includes a spell check tool.
  • Compatibility with a vast amount of blog systems like WordPress (preconfigured by default), TypePad, LiveJournal or Blogger.
  • Support to upload images to an FTP or sites like Flickr, automatically.
  • Perfect integration with browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer, with text editors like Word and with RSS clients like RSS Bandit or FeedDemon.

If you don't like the editing interface of any of the content managers available, try out Post2Blog and start writing on the Internet.

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