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Power Painter is a curious and colorful tower defence game which combines elements of several fusion games and has a fun gameplay system with paintballs

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Tower defence games have been getting a lot of play lately. There are many different styles in the Android catalog, and yet some still manage to surprise us. This is the case of this title developed by ChimpWorks studio that combines strategy components with fusion games.

Soak up the paint

Our goal at Power Painter is to build towers to shoot paintballs. These balls follow a fixed path on the screen. We have to kill them all and not allow any of them to reach the end of the path.

To build the towers we have a grid located in the center of the screen and the money we earn. We will be able to buy new towers depending on the space and our savings. The next step is to merge towers of the same color and numerical value, and then place them in strategic positions to shoot the paintballs. The higher the number, the more powerful the tower will be.

Merge towers, shoot paintballs and paint the whole screen!

Each tower has a different power (poison, freezing, protection...), so we will have to place them carefully and keep a certain tactic in mind. This will be unimportant at first, but as we progress, the levels get more complicated, and we'll also have to deal with bosses (which are basically fatter paintballs).

To help us in our mission, we'll have the help of the items we're collecting. With these resources we're able to improve our towers and weapons and, therefore, be more efficient.

As far as the graphics are concerned, the design is minimalist and neat. The developers have taken care of all the details and offer us a very cool visual experience, but also the accompanying soundtrack invites us to relax and enjoy a really cool and quite original game.

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Laura Stutt
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