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Improve your Twitter profile with Power Twitter, an add-on that shows much more information about the links published in the tweets of your contacts

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You might find that Twitter's features are not enough for you, as happens to many users of this booming social microblogging network. Power Twitter is an add-on compatible with Mozilla Firefox that provides interesting advantages for your Twitter profile, specially with regard to messages and external links.

The advantages of Power Twitter

  • View links to multimedia contents directly in the comments, and play them without problems: YouTube videos, Flickr images, Google Maps locations...
  • Shows the full address of the links instead of the shortened links that are so popular on Twitter to reduce the number of characters in each tweet.
  • Translates the links into the headings of the corresponding pages, allowing you to know where a certain link is pointing to from the very first moment.

Into the open

Until now, the resources that could be included in a tweet were usually hidden behind a link that hardly gave us any clues about its content. With Power Twitter you will obtain the maximum information possible about what is hidden behind a Twitter message, and you will no longer browse in the dark.

Download Power Twitter for free and discover what is hidden behind your contacts' tweets without needing to visit shortened links with uncertain results for your browsing.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox 1.5 - 9.
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Antony Peel
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