Protect your PC from any danger. Use your USB device as a key to block the computer when it detects any anomaly. Download Predator for free to your PC

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The basic protection measure for centuries (that has generally worked) has been to use a key. We use a key to lock a door so no one can enter, without a key you can't use a car. So now we are going to use a key to keep our PC safe.

  You only need a USB stick or pendrive so that Predator can do its job. This pendrive will be used to store a series of data that Predator will check every few seconds, if in one of these checks the data doesn't match or the pendrive has been removed, the screen will darken, and the mouse and keyboard will be disabled. No one will be able to access your computer until the pendrive is inserted, not even by restarting the computer, because Predator disables the Windows Task Manager.

  This small application will stay minimized beside your clock, without affecting your computers performance, flashing until it is needed. The icon turns red each time Predator is reading or writing data, if this isn't happening (and your aren't using it for anything else) you can remove the pendrive.

  If for some reason we don't have the pendrive, it will be possible to unblock our PC by pressing Enter three times, and typing in the password that you created when you installed Predator.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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