Prevent applies various preventive measures to avoid the most common errors when working with files. Download Prevent free to be able to protect your files

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When we save important files that shouldn't be modified or deleted under any circumstance on our hard drive, we have to take preventive measures to avoid any kind of chance or deliberate error. For this purpose we have Prevent.

  Prevent is a free application that avoid any kind of unwanted operation in our folders or private files, be it cut, copy, paste, delete or edit. It is the most secure way of protecting our data.

  It is very easy to use, once installed, all you have to do is launch the application and choose a keyboard shortcut to disable Prevent. The actions that are disabled when referring to the files and folders when using Prevent are:
- Copy
- Cut
- Paste
- Delete
- Move
- Send
- Rename
- What's more, it disables the "End Task" option.

  The best way to prevent accidental deletion or modification of our important files is Prevent.
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