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Princess Tale is a beautiful idle RPG with anime aesthetics in which we will have to face off against the Demon Queen with the help of some cute heroines

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The Demon Queen is wreaking havoc on the world. Only beautiful warriors and princesses can stop her advances in this adorable, beautiful and cute role-playing game.

Inactive and addictive system

Princess Tale is an adorable 2D idle JRPG that stands out especially for its exquisite 2D graphics, incredible character design and simple, addictive mechanics. Our mission is to assemble a team of powerful female warriors to defeat the Demon Queen and her acolytes.

Best of all, the gameplay couldn't be simpler, so any kind of player can enjoy this beautiful adventure. In fact, we can control all the action with one finger.

Save the world from the evil influence of the Demon Queen with adorable princesses!

The main part of the game is the battles. Our task is to choose five female fighters and their combat formation, taking into account their class and characteristics. The battles are automatic, although we can activate the girls' special abilities when the corresponding bar is filled.

In fact, the mechanics are so simple that we can earn rewards even when we are not playing. We can progress by spending just ten minutes a day summoning new fighters, levelling them up and equipping them with the best weapons and armour.

And all of this is combined with an excellent technical section and an addictive gameplay system with retro touches within the reach of all players. In addition, unlike other similar games, the plot leaves aside the story to focus on the action.

And it even has a PvP mode. Maybe the developers go a bit overboard with the fanservice, but it's a very cool game. And what's more, the APK file is completely free to download.

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Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
3 months ago
50.3 MB

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