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Download Prism free, an add-on for Firefox capable of converting web applications into desktop programs that are much more accessible and comfortable to use

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Prism is an add-on for the Mozilla browser capable of converting web applications into desktop applications, transforming services and platforms that only work on the cloud into ordinary programs that you can launch locally.

Take web applications to your desktop.

Prism is the example of how far the current browsers and web technologies can go. Evolution is speeding up and each day more powerful and useful tools are developed. Prism brags about being compatible with any cloud application, whether email clients, chat systems or social networks.

Features of Prism

  • Create your applications by simply indicating the original URL address.
  • Integrate the shortcuts with your operating systems.
  • Detect packages of web applications embedded in web pages.
  • Select the icon to identify each application.
  • Obtain notifications and updates

How to use Prism

Once you have installed this add-on, open the browser and access any web page. In the "Tools" menu you will have a new entry, “Convert Website to Application”. The configuration window of Prism will open so that you can create your new desktop app.

The advantages of Prism are very obvious: less workload for the browser, rapid and direct access to web applications... Download Prism free for Firefox and place the best cloud services on your computer's desktop.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It only works on Firefox 3.6 or earlier.
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