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Prizmo is a useful application for Mac that allows you to convert your digital camera into a scanner. Download Prizmo and digitize any photographed text

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Prizmo is an application that, due to its features, is really surprising, as it allows the user to convert a digital camera into a powerful scanner with OCR functions, something that is ideal for students or other people that want to digitize any printed document.

  Once a photo is taken, the program will help the user to select the publication that the photograph has been taken of, so as to fix the errors that may appear regarding the perspective or lens distortion to make it look like a file that has been received with a scanner.

  The most surprising function of the application is that it will allow us to digitize texts by means of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, thanks to which you will be able to have the text included in any image that you have taken ready to be edited with any text processor.

  The tool's interface is very simple, and almost any user can use it without any kind of problem.

  Download Prizmo and discover the potential of your digital camera.
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