Download ProCoder for free, the most complete video converter on the market, compatible with professional formats. ProCoder is the ultimate video tool

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Even though there are many video converters available on the current market, there are very few that are clearly focused on professionals, offering compatibility with the formats that are native to many recording devices and edition applications.

Video converter and editor, all in one

ProCoder is currently the most complete file converter, because not only does it allow us to convert files to MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 (standards) from any other format, it also performs a process by means of which the user will be able to improve the quality of the interlaced video, something that's really practical if we're going to work with images that have been taken out of a video game or from television, for example.

Another of the striking functions of this application is its capacity to convert files from PAL to NTSC and vice-versa. The interface doesn't hide any mystery at all, and we'll be able to control practically any of the conversion task's parameters from two simple menus.

If you want to use the video converter used by professionals, download and install Canopus ProCoder on your computer, one of the most complete tools in its category.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The application requires that you have QuickTime 5.1 or above installed.
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