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Is staying focused a problem? Would you like to be more productive in your working hours? The Productivity Challenge Timer app has a tailored solution

A timer that helps you to be more productive

July 13, 2021
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These days, problems related to concentration and productivity are common. However, we can set about solving them by downloading the APK file of an app like this one, which offers us challenges in order to successfully work on projects while avoiding distractions.

Organize your work time and your break time

Productivity Challenge Timer is a productivity app for mobiles that offers us a system based on the Pomodoro technique for boosting our focus and performance while we work. To achieve this, we will have to create a project and turn on the timer, which divides work time (25 minutes by default) and long and short breaks.

As we set up our projects and tasks, the platform will reward us with achievements and give us a higher ranking. But if we don't complete the work sessions or we end them ahead of time, we will be penalized.

A Pomodoro timer which aims to help you be more productive, more focused, waste less time, and so on.

This application is not a task organizer. However, it does track our productivity over time and shows us how long we have worked on an activity, the times when we are more productive, and on which days of the week we have worked more.

And all this is displayed on a simple and rather unusual interface. If we get distracted at the drop of a hat, we have nothing to lose by trying out this system that aims to keep us focused and motivated.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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