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With Programmr you will get hold of the perfect accessory to learn to program. Programmr offers you support for many different programming languages

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Do you want to learn to program? Maybe you want to put your knowledge to the test? Then you should consider registering as a user on Programmr, a platform to learn several languages, appropriate for all levels of knowledge.

A multilanguage learning resource

With Programmr you can learn to program from scratch in some of the most popular languages at present, with clear web and mobile vocation. The method is divided into several areas, in which you'll find exercises, examples or projects which you can take part in to put your knowledge to the test. You will be provided with data input consoles that emulate the development environments of each programming language, with the subsequent indication and correction of errors, if there were any in each code compilation.

The perfect accessory for whoever wants to learn to program.


  • Interactive tool to learn and enhance your development knowledge.
  • Support for different programming languages, including Java, C#, C++, PHP, SQL and HTML, among others.
  • Development environment emulators by means of code input consoles.
  • Exercises of different knowledge levels to be solved.
  • Examples of situations and problems that may arise in each programming language.
  • Area to carry out your own projects and for the development of other users' projects.
  • HCL certifications for Java, C# and C++.

Incentivated by competition

Programmr integrates the competitive element because when it comes to solving the proposed exercises you can obtain a score depending on the time spent to do so. You will build up your score on your user account and appear on a global ranking with the rest of people that make use of this tool. Furthermore, by completing all the exercises of certain languages you will be awarded a knowledge certificate.

Register on Programmr and improve your programming knowledged by solving exercises or competing against other programmers.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a free user registry.
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