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Download ProzGui for free and provide ProZilla a graphical user interface. With ProzGui you will be able to use your favorite download manager very easily

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ProzGui provides the user with a windows environment that allows you to manage the ProZilla download manager with greater ease. This comes in very handy to accelerate the speed of our downloads, because it uses a technique that consists in splitting the files into various parts to be able to download them simultaneously from various servers.

  Although working in console mode is more efficient and faster for experienced users, it's much nicer to have a graphical interface from which we will be able to configure and handle programs. Once you have installed ProzGui on your computer you will be able to manage the downloads that you perform from ProZilla without requiring to use the command line console.

  Of course, ProzGui shares all the features of ProZilla: support for HTTP and FTP protocols, pause/resume downloads, select the number of simultaneous connections, etc.

  Provide Prozilla with an intuitive graphical interface, thanks to ProzGui.
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