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ProZilla will allow you to increase the speed at which you download files from the Internet. You will notice the difference by downloading ProZilla for free

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ProZilla is an application that allows you to increase the download speed of any file, reaching peaks that may be up to 300% faster than the normal download rate of some programs.

  To be able to accomplish its objective, ProZilla divides the programs into small parts, and then completes multiple connections in search of the parts, in such a way that it doesn't place so much stress on a single connection, because it divides the effort among many in such a way that it makes use of the full bandwidth of our Internet connection.

  Despite the fact that it doesn't have a graphical interface, how the program works is very simple, all we'll have to do is input a download followed by the download's URL, and the application will start working. And even better still, we will be able to input an HTTP or FTP address, because the program has full support for both protocols.

  Furthermore, if you don't usually use the command line console, you can always download ProzGUI, that provides a graphical interface for the program.

  Therefore, if you want an application that will help you to save time when downloading files, ProZilla is the solution.
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