PS3 Video 9


Use your PlayStation 3 to watch videos with PS3 Video 9. Convert your videos to the right format to see them on the console by downloading PS3 Video 9 free

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PlayStation 3 (or PS3) is the most powerful machine by Sony to date, because it allows us to enjoy high definition games, browse the Internet or watch Blu-Ray films, as well as being able to view the videos in the game console's own native formats, if we convert them beforehand.

  If we want a tool that can convert any video stored on the hard drive of our computer (DivX, MPEG, AVI,... ) to the format compatible with PlayStation 3, we can use PS3 Video 9, a simple converter, that in a matter of minutes will allow us to enjoy all our home videos, our ripped DVDs or the clips that we can download from YouTube to our console.

  It's compatible with 1080p high definition video, but it also offers us other compression possibilities, furthermore it can be used together with Videora, so that it converts the videos we download from the BitTorrent network directly to our PC.

  Prepare your film collection to be able to watch it on your PlayStation 3 with P3 Video 9.
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