Psi is a complete messaging client that is compatible with Jabber. Download Psi and you will be able to securely and efficiently speak with other users

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The Jabber instant messaging network is one of the most used, without going any further, many of the email accounts that are associated to big companies like Google or Apple use this protocol in their instant messaging clients. Thus, why not use a client like Psi? Knowing that it's completely compatible with this standard and being an alternative that has to be taken into account, Psi deserves an opportunity.

  As well as being compatible with all the networks that use Jabber like a transfer method, Psi is a quick and lightweight client, that guarantees stability and implements many special functions. One of the most interesting functions is the option to search for all the possibilities activated in the network that we are connected to, so that we can know what services are active. These services can include games, chat rooms and other functions.

  And of course, the Psi guarantees security, because since it's an open source project, any small security breach, whether in the client or the Jabber protocol, will be quickly patched. Meanwhile, we can enjoy its avatars, multiuser chats (with administration control), remote client control,...
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7.
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