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PSPad is a free text editor with features specially focused on software programmers. Download PSPad now to be able to easily program on your computer

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There are lots of text editors on the market, but only a few of them are focused towards being used by software programmers and designers, like PSPad.

  PSPad is a text editor for Windows that can be used by programmers to write in many programing languages (HTML, PHP, Jscript, Perl, etc), while working with various documents pertaining to the same project at the same.

  Among some of the most important features of PSPad we will find:

  - Working with projects.
- Automatic spell checker.
- Use of templates for several programing languages.
- Highlight syntax for several languages, with the possibility for the user to define various highlighting variants for other programing languages that aren't included.
- Save session, so as to open all the active documents when you start your next session.
- Hexadecimal editor.
- FTP client to be able to upload the changes directly to a server.
- Search and replace text.
- Save macros to speed up the workflow.
- And many more...

  So, if you are looking for a text editor to begin programing, PSPad is an application worth considering, because to make it even better, it is free.
Jan Fiala
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