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Public Fox is a Firefox extension that makes it possible to block the unwanted download of files from the Internet and avoid changes to our browser

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On the Internet, there are plenty of dangers in the form of files that are downloaded automatically to our computer. Users might open them without knowing what they are or when they were downloaded, unleashing havoc in the form of viruses and other sorts of malware.

Block unwanted downloaded

If you're a Firefox user, you can prevent this from happening thanks to a plug-in of the likes of Public Fox. The latter allows us to configure our browser to block the unwanted downloaded of files, even requesting a password if a file were to start downloading automatically or manually on behalf of a user.

These are some of the features and options offered, all the latter perfectly manageable from our Firefox's add-on menu:

  • Set passwords to authorize the download of files.
  • List of file extensions to be blocked by the add-on.
  • Possibility to draw up blacklists of forbidden webs from which we should never accept downloads under whatsoever circumstances.

This app is yet another instrument to help us browse the Internet much more securely.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Public Fox
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