Puzzling Paws


Puzzling Paws is an entertaining video game in which you will have to help Bruiser and Scratch to join pieces that are identical to make them disappear

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Puzzling Paws is a game the main characters of which are a puppy called Bruiser and a kitten called Scratch. You have to help them to move the different pieces so as to join those that are identical to make them disappear and receive points. What's more, you will find a full tutorial that will show you how to play, as well as allowing you to discover the tricks that can help you move on to the next level.

  To start playing Puzzling Paws we advise that you start with the tutorial level, in which Scratch will explain to you how to play. You will have to lead Bruiser or Scratch in the direction of the piece that you want to move. Once you have placed them properly, push the piece and it will join with another one that is identical, disappearing.

  In Puzzling Paws you have to overcome levels and receive points. The graphics have great quality and they will show you the different landscapes in which your characters have to solve puzzles.

  Try Puzzling Pass and spend hours upon end helping Bruiser and Scratch throughout all the levels. You will see how you just keep on playing.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo allows you to play for 60 minutes.
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