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PyChess is a chess game for Linux that has a help mode. Download PyChess and play chess for free against your computer or against somebody else to learn

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PyChess is a free chess game, ideal for people that are starting to play this entertaining game. Chess is a board game, also considered as a sport, that is played on an eight by eight board with alternating colors. The normal colors used are black and white, even though other colors can also be used. The objective in chess is to manage to eliminate your opponent's king. To do so you have to use specific movements with each playing piece.

If you want to start playing chess, PyChess Staunton is a very good option. By means of a simple interface, you'll be able to play against the computer with different difficulty levels. Furthermore, you'll have other game modes that will come in very handy, like a spy mode for learners that will show the next movement that the computer has considered. Or the help mode, that will show you the best movements.

PyChess also allows you to connect to the Internet to play with other chess players from all over the world, with whom you'll be able to chat about each movement.

Practice chess on your Linux system with PyChess. You'll be able to learn how to play chess and become a real expert.

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