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Change the name of all your files in an instant once you download pyRenamer free, a software application capable of automating this laborious task

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When we have hundreds of files that refer files to a same theme, the most usual thing is that we will want them to have a similar name, or to have them in folders with correlative names. But if we are speaking about a really big quantity of files, with the file explorer we will be going round the bend way before we finish. That is why pyRenamer is a great option to perform these tasks.

  pyRenamer is a software that will automate the file name change, and apart from that it has other interesting features:

  - Rename as many files as we want.
- We can save the patterns that we normally use to rename.
- It is possible to redo/undo.
- Change the name of music files.
- It makes sure not to eliminate any extension when it is renamed.
- Possibility to change some icons to better distinguish between files.

  All this with a quite simple interface where we will always have all the files, folders and options visible.
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