Pyxis offers us an inventory system to have well classified all the products acquired by a company or home. Download Pyxis right now free of charge

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Pyxis is an asset management system that can be used to keep track of all the objects and items that we have bought, for our house or company. It is a kind of stocktaking software where we store all kinds of details of the product: price, buying date, serial number, etc.

Furthermore, you don't have to restrict the use of this software to keeping track of your acquisitions, you can use it to organize your personal organizer by adding information and contact details of your friends, family, and other contacts.

Main features

  • User-friendly interface that makes both the introduction of new data or the updating of contents easier.
  • Practical asset management, with the possibility to store almost limitless information.
  • Obtain book data from an ISBN.
  • 34 categories available, with their corresponding subgroups, to classify articles.
  • Possibility to export the stored information in XML format.

If you want to keep track of the items you have bought for your house or company, the best alternative is Pyxis by Freshney!

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Antony Peel
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