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Download Qimo for free, a distribution based on Linux aimed at children. Qimo is a great distribution for children that is loaded with educational programs

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Qimo is a Linux distribution focused entirely on children and education. This distribution also known as Qimo for Kids includes quite a few children and educational applications that will entertain the youngest members of the household while they learn a set of basic concepts. And you will be able to find developments like Tuxpaint, TuxType, TuxMath and ChildsPlay.

  Using Ubuntu as a basis, Qimo is a distribution that is totally secure for children that uses an interface completely adapted to their needs. The youngsters won't have the possibility to access the system configuration nor the Internet if they aren't allowed to.

  The minimum requirements that this distribution asks for are really low, a 400Mhz processor and less than 200 MB of RAM memory are enough to be able to use it perfectly, allowing us to leave Qimo installed on an old PC for the youngsters to use. Furthermore, it also offers us the possibility to use it as a LiveCD.

  Among the programs that children will be able to launch you will find games, maths programs, logic and memory software,... To sum up, programs focused on making children learn both to use the computer as well as to put their brain to the test.
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