QUBE is a totally innovating experience in first person perspective that tests the player's skills when it comes to solving problems. Download QUBE now

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Each day it's more common to see games developed by independent companies, because this kind of game is gaining many followers among users, with many players waiving the titles by the big companies. Among these new indie games one of the most noteworthy, without a doubt, has to be QUBE.

Modify your environment

The basic idea behind QUBE (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion) is a first person game in which the player will have to overcome a training ground facility that is full of puzzles and challenges.

To be able to solve these puzzles and challenges the character controlled by the player will have to use a set of special gloves with which he's equipped, that will help him to control the different kinds of blocks that he'll encounter in the different scenarios of the game.

It must be said that the graphics of QUBE are at the same time simple but very detailed, because the entire environment in which the character advances is in three dimensions and can have a direct impact on the resolution of challenges.

Download QUBE to your computer to be able to try out one of the most interesting games of the last few years.

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