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Quick Keylogger is an application that saves a log of everything that happens on the computer. Download Quick Keylogger and keep an eye on your computer

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Quick Keylogger is a useful tool that can be used to log everything that is written by means of the keyboard on our computer. If we share our computer, we may need to use this keylogger to know what has been done on our computer while we were away. Everything that is written with the keyboard will be saved in a file.

Quick Keylogger is now Elite Keylogger

Using this software is very easy: after installing it, we will have to type in a password, that will allow us to access the log that has been saved whenever we want. The program is launched in the background (invisibly), so that nobody has to notice that it is working. When we access the saved log, we will have the possibility to choose the log for a specific date. Here, we will find everything that has been written on the keyboard, all the key combinations, letters, and numbers.

The following information is registered: the name of the computer and the user, the applications that have been used, the windows that have been opened, the text that has been written and the date and time.

Quick Keylogger will allow you to know what happens on your computer when you aren't in front of it, or simply, to have a registry of the activities that you carry out daily.

Requirements and additional information:
WideStep Security Software
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
6.6 MB

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