Quick'n Easy FTP Server

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Quick'n Easy FTP Server is a complete and simple FTP server with many configuration options. Download Quick'n Easy FTP Server on your computer today

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Quick'n Easy FTP Server is a useful FTP server that will allow the less experienced users to use all its features and make the most of the advantages that it offers. If you install this program you will be able to convert your computer into a powerful FTP server.

The application has its own manual that will guide the new users in the program's configuration process. It is capable of handling the basic FTP commands as well as having a full list of other FTP commands it supports, like MDTM, NLST, FEAT and many more.

Main features

  • Possibility to add new users from its customizable management system.
  • Security options.
  • Support for virtual folders.
  • User upload and download speed limitation.
  • Save the configuration as XML.
  • Remote administration options.
  • Real-time server activity reports.

The options included in Quick'n Easy FTP Server make it a fantastic option for those users that are searching for a server of this kind. What's more, its simple interface makes it a perfect application.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Pablo Software Solutions
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