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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is the application to create websites visually. Download Quick 'n Easy Web Builder and design your own websites easily and quickly

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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder is a new program that uses the WYSIWYG technique to make sure that designing and publishing websites is within any user's grasp. This program has simple and intuitive tools to add elements and pages to the web, and it allows you to check at all times what the design will look like once it is published.

Easy to use

On many occasions, what stops most users when it comes to creating a website is the complexity of the applications designed for this purpose. But with Quick 'n Easy Web Builder it is within any user's reach.

All the tools available are on the left-hand side of the interface: draw, insert images, texts or multimedia material, include browsing elements like buttons or menus, etc. All you have to do is drag these elements to the blank page of Quick 'n Easy Web Builder and modify them to your own liking with the controls on the right side of the interface.

Main features

  • Compatible with HTML and XHTML.
  • Supports extensions.
  • Allows local publications as well as via FTP.
  • Supports templates.
  • Also available for Mac and Linux.

If you've decided to create your own website, you can now save money by designing it yourself with Quick 'n Easy Web Builder.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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Quick 'n Easy Web Builder
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