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Quick Search and Replace replaces text on multiple files. Save the effort of modifying each of the files individually thanks to Quick Search and Replace

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The task of modifying text files can be tedious. Completing this task individually on many documents implies opening each of them, carrying out the specific changes and saving them, something that can take you a long time.

Replace texts in batches

Quick Search and Replace is capable of replacing, inserting or eliminating text as you indicate. And it can do so with multiple files at the same time, thus saving you a lot of work. Simply locate the documents and establish the rule that you want to apply. Quick Search and Replace will do the rest. The application supports any text document based on ASCII.

You will be able to search for documents by means of the access path or name masks or locate the documents due to a sentence or word. All the operating that are foregone will have the possibility to be undone, and it even offers the possibility to create backups to avoid trouble.

Do you need to replace text in many documents? Download Quick Search and Replace, it may be the tool that you were looking for.

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