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We all ask ourselves silly questions that have even sillier answers. How often do I have to wash my towel? Was that dress blue and black or white and gold? And then we've got all those questions that are too embarrassing to be asked to someone we know. In both cases, Yahoo Answers made a great contribution towards the evolution of mankind. You yourself have probably asked a question to Google hoping to find the answer. Unfortunately, Yahoo's golden age is gone and over, so who shall we resort to now for all our geeky questions? Don't worry, Quora has all the answers.

The best answer for any question.

Serious answers to all sorts of questions

In Quora, you'll find all sorts of existential, philosophical, and stupid doubts but also other people's thoughts that you can comment, vote, bookmark as favorites and share with your friends. What makes this tool different to other similar ones is that the participants take all topics very seriously and make of them are experts and professionals in different topics. The users are identified by their place of residence, their degree, their credentials, and the visits to their replies (total and monthly). That means that you can give their answers certain credibility.

Learn from experts such as astronauts, policemen, actors, lawyers, etc.

Furthermore, if you really like the way a certain user thinks, you can follow him or her just like on any other social network. On each profile, you can find interesting information about the user in question:

  • Replies.
  • Questions.
  • Publications.
  • Blogs.
  • Activity.
  • Followers.
  • Users followed.
  • Topics.
  • Subjects he or she knows about.
  • Edits.

If you've got an awkward question and you don't know who to resort to, Quora is your new best friend. You can even collaborate with your own witty answers and feel good for yourself by helping out other Internet users.

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Antony Peel
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