Mar 2019

Download r4 free, a FASM assembler based on colorForth to develop programs for the WINE and WINCE platforms. Create applications with :r4, a great FASM

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Low level programing languages, known as assembler languages, are numerous. Nevertheless, languages based on Forth and all of its forks are the most important. Now you can download r4 free, a FASM (flat assembler) based on colorForth, one of the official forks of Forth developed by Charles H. Moore.

Despite being based on colorForth :r4 is different in a very important aspect: it doesn't use color coding at all to differentiate between the components of the programming syntax. Now you can create applications for WINE or WINCE!


  • FASM based on colorForth.
  • Includes an editor in its virtual machine to modify previously created programs.
  • Check sample programs.
  • Contains a selection of games.
  • Use the mouse to move through the menus of the application without having to resort to the command line.
  • Includes a base code compiler and a debugger.

Like colorForth, but without colors...

If you are interested in programing your own applications capable of working on WINE or WINCE you are looking in the proper place. Download r4 free and use this programing language.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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Scott McLure
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