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Download RAD Game Tools Splitter for free, a DirectShow codec that allows you to see videos in BIK and SMK format, used in games, on current media players

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Many of the videos included in games and on promotional tourism CDs use the Bink (BIK) format, or its predecessor Smacker (SMK), that are the proprietary formats developed by RAD Game Tools. The videos in these formats can't be read by the general multimedia players, and due to this fact we'll only be able to enjoy them with the game or by means of the corresponding CD.

  The problem that usually arises is, what can we do if we want to watch these videos outside the game or without the CD? The solution is really simple, all we have to do is install RAD Game Tools Splitter, a DirectShow codec that will allow the user to play BIK and SMK videos in the vast majority of current multimedia players, including Media Player Classic or Windows Media Player, among others.

  So if you want to enjoy your favorite game videos once again, without having to open the game, or you want to watch a video before completing the part of the game that activates it, all you have to do is download and install RAD Game Tools Splitter to be able to enjoy it on your computer.
RAD Game Tools Splitter
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