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Raft is a sandbox adventure game in which we have to survive the immensity of the ocean on board a boat that we can improve and expand by crafting objects

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Getting lost in the immensity of the ocean can be quite frustrating. Especially if you've only got a tiny boat from which you'll have to fight against all sorts of adversities trying to survive. That's the goal of Raft, a sandbox-type adventure game in which we have to fight against all the elements against us at high seas.

Just like Waterworld is a Mad Max in the sea, this is a MinecRaft in the sea. That's precisely how we could define this game in which we have to explore the immensity of the ocean collecting all sorts of objects and tools to cRaft in order to survive the sharks, our thirst, and hunger. Furthermore, we can expand our boat to create a better shelter to protect ourselves against adverse weather conditions, building a water on the castle.

A sandbox survival game.

This Survival Game or Survival Simulator offers us a 3D environment developed with the Unity graphical engine and that tries to be as realistic as possible. The game is very fluid and not very demanding in terms of hardware so any PC, even if not too powerful, will be able to run it.

Main features

In this game, crafting is a must: build your tools, weapons and whatever other objects you need to fulfill your purposes using the raw material found at sea. You'll be able to carry out actions such as the following:

  • Collect objects from the sea and all sorts of materials that can be useful to build weapons or tools.
  • Improve and expand your shelter with the objects found at sea.
  • Go fishing to find food and not die of hunger.
  • Purify the seawater to drink.
  • Don't lose sight of the health, water, and food indications that will mark your survival.

There are also mobile versions for Android and iPhone under the name of Raft Survival Simulator. It's not the same game but it least you can take it around with you wherever you go, living the experience of getting lost in the middle of the ocean.

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