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Rail Draw is a game similar to Flappy Bird in which we have have to drive a railway cart along the tracks that we'll have to draw on our Android smartphone

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Remember Flappy Bird, don't you? Yep, that pixellated game in which we had to make a bird fly around dodging all sorts of obstacles that were usually green pipes that interrupted the course of his flight, having to help him get through the tiny space they left between them.

The Flappy Bird set in a mine

Well, we can't say that Rail Draw is the most original title we've come across as of lately, but that doesn't matter because it's great fun and really addictive. It follows the same formula of the above-mentioned 8-bit tribute but with one exception: we'll ride a mine cart just like the one that appears in in the legendary scene of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.

And as you probably know, these vehicles can't fly but travel over rails instead. Well, here we'll have to draw the tracks to dodge all the obstacles we come across. A very simple gameplay for this application, but really entertaining and capable of keeping us glued to our phone for hours on end.

How to play is easy: the cart advances non-stop and you, with your finger, will have to draw the tracks. Do so carefully so that there's enough room for the truck to get through the gap without crashing into the walls.

Fast-paced and dispairing: an addictive combination.

However, you'll have to be careful because the laws of physics also play a very important role: if the ramps you draw are too steep, the cart may fly into the air or even tip over. You'll have to figure out whether you need to draw anything or not because you might be interested in overcoming obstacles flying through the air.

If you install this APK, you'll be able to check out for yourself its increasing difficulty. At the beginning, it will obviously seem very easy but as you advance things will get much more complicated turning the game into a real nightmare.

Main features

  • Build the path of your choice: with horizontal lines or creating slopes to help you jump.
  • Draw tracks time after time.
  • The game's speed is constantly increasing.
  • Be patient while you drive because the next wall may be closer than you think.
  • Don't forget how important physics are.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
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