Railroad Tycoon

In Railroad Tycoon you will have to efficiently manage a railway company. Download Railroad Tycoon for free on your PC and build a promising company

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Railroad Tycoon is a classic management game in which we will have to become a businessman and create our own train company. The objective of the game is to build and manage a railroad company from scratch: we will have to lay the rails, build the stations, and even buy and program the trains. Manage to become rich with this entertaining strategy game.

  To start off, we'll have to choose the geographic area on which we want to focus our business: the West or North East of USA, Great Britain or Continental Europe. We will have an initial capital of one million dollars, and we will have to manage to get more capital, by selling company bonds, for instance. As time goes by the company will grow bigger, building stations, buying trains and joining territories by means of the train.

  If we aren't fully ready to start this company, Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon will help us by means of messages with interesting tips.

  If you like this kind of strategy games, Railroad Tycoon will help you to spend very entertaining hours and to learn how to manage an important business.
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