At this time controlling one's expenses is something extremely important. Download Ramen for free and you will be able to control your personal economy

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Keeping a thorough control of the balance of a household's income and expenses is very important if you don't want to find yourself in economic problems. But sometimes, keeping account books is somewhat tiresome and awkward. Ramensoft suggests a new way of keeping all your household accounts, thanks to Ramen.

  Ramen is a personal finance software application with which you will be able to control all your expenses in the most simple and intuitive way, by simply observing the bar graphs or the circle graphs that the application shows the user.

  Ramen's most noteworthy features are:
- It allows us to see how our expenses and savings habits change over time.
- It is highly customizable, allowing us to order the expenses in categories and subcategories.
- It allows the user to order the categories by simply dragging and dropping.
- If works completely offline.

  To start using Ramen, you will have to download the OFX files (that contain your transaction and account data) from your bank's official website and import them to the program.
Requirements and additional information:
This application requires that you have .NET Framework 2.0 or above installed.
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