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8.23.20 Use Rank Tracker to check the position of your website. Download Rank Tracker for free and check the position held by your website on search engines
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One of the most arduous tasks and that isn't generally acknowledged as it should, is to position websites on search engines. The vast majority of visits received by many websites normally arrive via search engines, due to this, the more times a website appears and the better its positioning, the more visits that it will receive. To be able to know the position of the website we can use Rank Tracker, positioning it is a totally different matter that can be a lot more complicated.

Everything you need to improve the positioning of a website

Once the website is working, and we have chosen the words used to position it, Rank Tracker can keep track, as long as we indicate the domain and the words that it has to keep track of. This program acts as a normal user that searches on Google or any other search engine and shows the results of the data that we are looking for. If our website is on the first page, this is good news for us. And if it can be found between the first three entries, this is brilliant for us.

Keywords, domains, tracking... don't leave anything to chance when it comes to web positioning.

Thanks to Rank Tracker, finding the positioning of the words and the domain that we want to use is only a matter of time. Once we ask for the data, the search will take very little time, and it will offer us an effective vision about the words and domains that we were searching for to know where to put special emphasis on our SEO techniques.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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