3.90 RasterStitch is a programme designed to be able to join several images in a single one semi-automatically. Download RasterStitch free and join your images
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One of the things that can happen when it comes to taking a photograph of a panoramic view is that the camera's lens doesn't cover the whole view, forcing us to take more than one photograph to capture the whole view. Now thanks to RasterStitch this will no longer be a problem because it will allow you to join the images to form a unique large image.

Join your images

The idea behind RasterStitch is to be able to join two or more images into a single file, be it to create a panoramic view or to join several parts of a map to create a gigantic map.

How RasterStitch works is rather simple, because it will only be necessary to indicate if the images will be joined vertically or horizontally, to load the two images that are going to be stitched and choose between manually defining the stitching point or allowing the application to calculate it by comparing the images.

Once this process has been completed RasterStitch will join the two images into a single file, that the user will be able to use to add more images, creating a panoramic view of three of more photographs, even allowing the possibility to create a 360º image.

Therefore, if you are looking for an application that will allow you to join two or more images, you only have to download RasterStitch free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version adds watermarks to the resulting image.
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