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Raven is a browser focused on the future, because it bases its potential mainly on web applications. Download Raven and discover a new way to work

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At the moment it seems obvious that the future of office work is going to be clearly marked by web applications and the most important information portals. And based on this logic argument, why not use a browser that is clearly focused on this field like Raven.

The smart browser

Using an innovating technique aimed at portals, Raven includes instances for 50 of the most important websites and applications (that will increase as time goes by). Each of the so-called browsing 'applications' include shortcuts to the most important elements of each website and service.

Among the 'applications' available the user will find:

  • Google Apps
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Imdb
  • Instapaper
  • Dropbox

To offer access to these 'applications' Raven includes a small sidebar where it will be possible to see the icons dedicated to each of the services that the user chooses and with a simple click it will be possible to visit the sites.

Access information more clearly

Unlike the history files of the vast majority of browsers, in Raven the user will be able to see a clear list with all the websites that have been visited, and even a preview of any of the sites as long as they are selected.

Read a page later using bookmarks, or mark it as a favorite so as to always have it available.

Another innovation that Raven presents is the differentiation it makes between bookmarks and favorites, in other words, the bookmarks are used for those pages that the user wants to read but doesn't have time, while the favorite are set for pages that are visited on many occasions.

Download Raven for free and discover the browser of the future.

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