Re-Enable is a tool that can repair the elements of Windows damaged by a virus. Download Re-Enable and make sure your system starts working properly again

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Re-Enable is the ideal program for those people that after being affected directly by some kind of malware, are looking for a quick way for to return all their PC's elements to their usual functioning, once the threat has been eliminated.

  When a virus attacks, as well as eliminating and corrupting documents, it also modifies various elements of our operating system like the folder options, the task administrator, the Windows console or the registry editor, that have to be restored and repaired so that they work normally once again, something that this program does perfectly well.

  The interface and how it's handled are extremely simple, because it is only necessary to select the elements that we want to fix and press the button that will launch the process. It also includes certain analysis and editing tools, but these are aimed exclusively at experienced users.

  Download Re-Enable as soon as possible if you want your machine to work just like it did before being infected.
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