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Real Desktop transforms your desktop into a 3D space with all its elements transformed. Download Real Desktop for free and play football on your desktop

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Real Desktop is a simple tool that transforms your desktop into an area in three dimensions with 3D objects, and that allows you to take the elements and throw them to make them collide with one another. If you spend many hours in front of your computer and you are tired of seeing your desktop always the same, Real Desktop offers you the opportunity to transform it into a three-dimensional area.

Give your desktop a change by trying out Real Desktop

When you launch Real Desktop the desktop will turn into something similar to a 3D room, with your icons transformed into three-dimensional figures. A mini-tutorial will also be launched, showing you how to more around in this new environment. You'll be able to change the camera position to see the desktop from different points of view. To modify any aspect you will only have to press the right mouse button for a few seconds and a menu will open.

Real Desktop allows you to include a ball on the desktop and even to play at scoring goals. Thus, you'll be able to have fun while you use your computer.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires that you have DirectX 9.0c installed.
  • Requires an Internet connection to complete the installation.
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