Real Gangster Crime Android


In Real Gangster Crime for Android smartphones, we'll play the role of a street criminal who simply wants to steal cars, rob people, and cause chaos

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Games of the likes of GTA or the Gangstar saga have made us familiar with taking on the role of gangsters, criminals, and gang members with which we could set out to the street to carry out all sorts of misdeeds that we wouldn't dare to do in real life. Following suit to these titles, we can now enjoy playing Real Gangster Crime developed by Naxeex.

A low-budget Grand Theft Auto

Once we've downloaded the APK to our Android mobile device, we can become the terror of New Vegas city, being able to move around however we want without obeying the law. We can pick up our shotgun and set out to steal cars, shoot at whoever we fancy, rob shops and pedestrians, get involved in fights, and even make use of military weapons and technology to bring havoc to the city.

We have no other target than ruling the map and showing who's the boss. We can unlock new vehicles and weapons as we advance in our mass destruction mission. Our only concern will be to not run out of ammo (in which case, we'll have to use our fists), to not get caught by the cops or the special forces, and to destroy everything we want. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Its only drawback? Maybe too many adverts.

Requirements and additional information:
Naxeex Studio
3 months ago
102.8 MB

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