Recolored is an application with which you will be able to color in black and white photographs. Download Recolored and check its surprising results

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Recolored is a tool that allows you to color in black and white photos using a very simple and quick method. You surely have old photos in black and white. Can you imagine what they would look like in color? With Recolored it is very easy. To do so you only have to scan them to have them on your computer, download Recolored and follow its simple steps.

Bring some color to your old photos

To start off you have to open the black and white image. So that Recolored can color in the images you have to help the application: you have to draw a line that will limit each area, choosing a color. This delimitation can be approximate. On the left-hand side of Recolored you will have access to the colors divided into categories, so that you can find it a lot easier to choose: skin, sky, denims, eyes, lips, metals, etc.

Once you have selected the areas with their respective colors, you only have to tell Recolored to color in the images. The results will really surprise you. You will have your photo in color. And if you don't like the result, you can change the color or simply fine-tune the selected areas.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used for 21 days.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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