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Download Red Eclipse free and discover a frenetic shooter in which you'll have to be quick if you want to survive. Play Red Eclipse, a free FPS multiplayer

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Red Eclipse is an entertaining first person shooter (FPS) that you can play for free, both in the online multiplayer mode against other users, as well as in the solo mode (offline) against multiple bots.

  This project is totally free and open source, and its development is based on the famous Cube Engine 2. Among its main features it's worth the possibility to choose between two game modes: “Multiplayer” and “Single Player”, the freedom of movement that it provides the character (he can run, dodge obstacles, jump against the wall, …, just as if you were doing parkour) and its great cooperative maps editor, that allows the possibility to create new levels for the game with other online users.

  Furthermore, Red Eclipse offers several kinds of game play like deathmatch, campaign, capture or defend the flag, … that it's possible to apply different modifications (mutators) that will allow you to customize each game. Thus, for example, selecting Vampire, you will gain life points when you damage an enemy and with Medieval you limit the weapons only to swords.

  If you liked Blood Frontier, don't miss the game that had been named as its successor, Red Eclipse, and download it free now.
Red Eclipse
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