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Make calls and video calls for free with Reflap easily. Enjoy all the benefits of a VoIP client with Reflap without having to download any software

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The modernization of telephone lines has contributed greatly to the growing amount of traffic they can bear. Thanks to this, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is possible, allowing video and voice calls over the network. This is where Reflap comes in, an application which allows us to communicate with anyone, for free.

A VoIP client on the web

With Reflap, anyone can use the VoIP service from the Web completely free. There is no need to go through lengthly registrations or having to download software. With a simple user URL we can communicatre however we want (chat, e-mail, social networks...). The person accessing this link will activate our channel and videoconferencing can start, even if they aren't a Reflap user.


  • Establish contact by voice call, video call and chat.
  • Option for group calls.
  • Integration with Facebook contacts.
  • User unique URL.
  • Possibility to accept calls from guests.
  • Send private messages.

Sign into Reflap and access a page where you will always be available for free calls and video calls.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a free registration.
  • You need a microphone to make calls and a webcam for video calls.
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