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Do you have trouble with your negative thoughts? Reflectly is a diary that will help you increase your life's positivity and foster your well-being

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How was your day? What factors have influenced to make it a bad or good day? How have you felt today? With these simple questions, Reflectly will help you keep a personal diary specialized in gathering and analyzing the factors that make you unhappy so that you can overcome your negative thoughts and create positive habits. Here is how it works.

Reflectly is a personal diary fueled by artificial intelligence that allows you to handle negative thoughts and increase the positivity as it teaches about the science of well-being.

Make use of the science of personal well-being

Nowadays, nearly everyone suffers from a psychological disorder. Depression, stress and anxiety are some of the most common illnesses of the twenty-first century. This application will help you channel these feelings and create healthier habits. For this purpose, you just have to indicate how your day has been and how you have felt through simple icons. You can also add small notes and answer other kinds of questions that the app asks.

This tool will analyze all the information you introduce and it will offer a small cognitive behavioral therapy so that you foster your attention, employ empathy and have the tools you need to live a life free of negative thoughts. By employing positive psychology, every morning you will be presented with customized motivational content so that you face the world with enhanced spirits.

Likewise, when you have already written several entries, you will have access to a chart in which you will be able to check your progress and learn about the way in which you react to matters. If you are having trouble with getting up in the mornings, you need all the help you can get. Besides, this tool has been awarded Google's 2019 Material Design Award thanks to its innovation and beautiful interface.

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