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The open source roguelike Pixel Dungeon is revamped in the game Remixed Dungeon, a retro-style game in which we will have to explore a dangerous dungeon

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Once upon a time there was a very poor village. The villagers survived as best they could. Until, one fine day, the ground shook violently and a dungeon full of terrible monsters appeared.

From then on, the villagers were very happy, because the heroes who came to look for treasures and adventures left a good part of their earnings in the village businesses, boosting the economy of the place. And we will be one of those intrepid warriors with a thirst for adventure and pockets full of money.

Create your own adventure

Remixed Dungeon is an interesting roguelike with 2D pixel art style graphics. Picking up the essence of old school titles, the APK file download offers us a revision of the famous open source game Pixel Dungeon.

This game supports user-created mods!

Before starting the adventure we will have to choose a character: warrior, mage, thief, hunter, elf, necromancer or gnoll. Our mission will be to explore the dungeon and try to get as far as we can while fighting monsters, avoiding traps and collecting valuable treasures.

But we will also have to level up and equip ourselves with the best weapons and armor to try to survive as long as we can (something that will not be easy). We will be able to direct all the action with simple touches on the screen, so the controls are quite accessible.

Hardcore roguelike experience!

This title includes more than 30 levels. But the best thing is that it is compatible with user-created mods. This way, you can customize the experience and enjoy a completely new title.

And on top of that, the soundtrack is really cool. In short, if we like classic roguelike games and we are overcome by nostalgia, it is essential.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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