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Remote Desktop Connection is a tool to be able to connect remotely to other desktops. Download Remote Desktop Connection for free and try it out this app

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The current Windows operating systems include a practical tool, known as Remote Desktop, with which we can control any computer remotely if it runs the operating system developed by Microsoft.

  To be able to handle a Windows computer remotely from our Mac, we have to use Remote Desktop Connection, a simple application with which we can manage a computer over the network, only requiring us to know its name or its correct IP address.

  Before accessing the remote computer, we have to configure the screen resolution that we want and whether we want sound to be broadcast over the connection, among many other options.

  Once we have launched the virtual desktop, we will be able to control remotely whatever PC we want, as if we were right in front of it.

  If you're looking for a solution to control any PC with a Windows operating system from your Apple computer, install Remote Desktop Connection.
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