RemoTure is a free application that has been designed to allow to take screen captures remotely. View what is on a remote screen thanks to RemoTure

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Do you want to have the possibility to take screen captures of a remote computer in an easy and simple way? Do you need to offer a technician the possibility to see a problem of your screen? The solution to these problems is called RemoTure.

Screen captures fulfilled remotely

This small application can server both as a client as well as a server, and it allows to take screen captures on a computer to which it is connected remotely or on the contrary it offers the signal so that somebody else can take the screen captures on a remote computer with the client.

How RemoTure works is rather simple, because once you launch the application its icon will lodge in the system tray awaiting the moment which the user decides to activate it as a client or as a server.

As a server the user will be able to establish the password that will be necessary to be able to access the possibility to take screen captures and as a client it will be possible to establish where the capture will be stored, the nomenclature of their name and if they will be captures of the full screen or only the active window.

Therefore, if you need a light application that will allow you to take screen captures remotely, you only have to download RemoTure.

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